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Ski Trips 2022
Taos, New Mexico
Whitefish, Montana
Big Sky, Montana
Zermatt, Switzerland

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Board Duties

The following is a summary of our By-Laws, concerning the club officers:

Term of Duty
The term of duty is two years. Any officer can succeed themselves for another two year term.

The nominating committee shall advise the president of the selection of nominees by April 15. Any member who desires to run for office must submit their qualifications to the committee by April 1. The president is the head of the committee, unless they appoint someone else.

The election is held at the club's annual meeting, the date of which is decided by the board. Nominations can be accepted from the floor, if seconded by two members.

The president presides over all meetings, and appoints all committee chairpersons. It is the president's duty to see that all officers fulfill their duties.

Vice President
Performs the duties of the president during his/her absence. Succeeds the president if the office is vacated.

Records minutes of all meetings. Maintains all permanent records of the club.

Has custody of club account books. Deposits money received, issues checks. Makes reports at each meeting. Oversees paid bookkeeper, if one exists.