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clearwater/st. petersburg ski & sporTs club


Join in the fun! From skiing and snowboarding to biking and kayaking, we do all the planning.


Attend the club’s monthly socials and find out why everyone wants to be a SnowShark!

Why travel with a group?

  • Join the Clearwater Ski Club, known to all as the Snow Sharks, for your Ski, and non-ski adventures, and travel with a group of like-minded and fun individuals. Start to eliminate those bucket list travel dreams, with little effort! Travel safely, securely, and cost-effectively, and let the Clearwater Ski Club, set the pace, Remember Time waits for no one!
  • Even though the internet makes it easy to research and book entire trips alone, group travel provides many benefits.
  • Traveling through foreign countries or unfamiliar cities navigating airports, transportation, restaurants, and shopping, and dealing with local language differences, can be challenging to the individual.
  • Using a broker familiar with the location and the language can be a welcome source of information regarding tours and tour guides. It can help prevent people from being taken advantage of when looking for local restaurants, tours, stores, and other street attractions. The Broker and trip leaders can make recommendations from their experiences with the local businesses.
  • When traveling in a group you are less likely to be singled out, than when you’re an individual. More eyes and ears are watching out for one another to keep each other safe and help in an emergency.
  • Travelers occasionally encounter stressful situations, such as flight cancellations or delays, bad weather, illness, or an incident where things don’t go according to plan. A person in charge, such as a trip leader, can help with the arrangements and remove much of the travel stress.
  • Hotels and airlines feel more pressure to solve problems for a group than the individual traveler, such as delaying a connecting flight or early hotel check-in requests.
  • Group travel is also fun, someone to talk to, and share meals, ideas travel stories, life, and family. Many of our club members have found other-like personalities and have become travel partners year after year.
  • Turn your Bucket List dreams into reality and check us out…at our socials, we will even feed you!
  • Upcoming Trips


  • Fun-Fun-Fun! We do all the planning. Just sign up! We make it easy for you to enjoy your vacation.
  • Choice of Locations. We provide our members with a variety of locations to choose from. We are a non-profit ski club, not affiliated with any travel agency or travel-related business. The Clearwater/St. Petersburg Ski & Sports Club (A.K.A. The SnowSharks) was established in 1983.
  • Ski with friends or come alone and make new friends. Many opportunities to ski and hang out with fellow SnowSharks.
  • Great Deals! We work hard to provide a nice range of affordable ski trips for everyone. Group travel rates to snow ski in the USA and Europe.
  • Affiliated with the Florida Ski Council (FSC) Our club joins with the FSC several times yearly. FSC brings together 17 snow ski clubs from Florida, to different locations, to bring the great sport of skiing to Florida residents.
  • The 3 F’s- Fun, Friends and more Fun


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This link has both IKON and Epic passes and gives the buyer a $50 credit on the full Ikon or Epic passes and a $30 credit on the base Ikon or Epic passes that can be used against your lodging on a 2025 trip with the Snowsharks. Click the link for pass information and advise your trip leader.