Who we are

We are a non-profit ski club, not affiliated with any travel agency or travel-related business. The Clearwater/St. Petersburg Ski & Sports Club (A.K.A. The SnowSharks) was established in 1983. We are dedicated to offering our members affordable ski trips and other sports-related activities year-round. We have reciprocal membership with all other Florida Ski Council Clubs (15 clubs in Florida). Many of our members enjoy in-line skating, boating, scuba diving, camping and bicycling, and traveling in general along with our exciting winter trips.

The “Snow Shark” website is an excellent source of information so you can stay on top of the most recent club activities. Every effort is made to have the website updated on a timely basis. The website contains information, pictures, ski trips, events, membership applications, and up-to-the-minute news.

For the upcoming season, the club has a team of players full of ambition, energy, and raring to go to assist the club in hosting a variety of fun activities all year long.

Through the tireless efforts of many volunteers, our club is one of the best. If you are interested in volunteering, please Get Involved!



President: Bruce Trautweiler

Vice President: Brenda Roberts

Secretary: Ginnie Souther

Treasurer: Eileen Morris

FSC Delegate: Tom Morris

president – Bruce Trautweiler

Vice President – Brenda Roberts

My name is Brenda Roberts. I am a nurse by trade and have been working for over 20 years in various healthcare delivery organizations.
I have been a skier for 30 years and traveled all over. I currently assist in managing a pediatric homecare agency that allows medically fragile babies to come home from the hospital with nursing care.
I love to travel and spend time with my family, friends, and fur babies. Being on the Board for the Clearwater/St. Pete Ski & Sports Club has expanded my friend (almost family) group and allowed me the pleasure of serving the members in the best way I can. I have learned many things and I will continue to serve at my fullest potential. The Club has amazing members and has been such a good influence on my life.

Secretary – Ginnie souther

Ginnie is originally from New York but has lived in Florida for 25 years. Having enjoyed various ski trips with the Snow Sharks before serving as Treasurer and Trip Leader, she is currently serving as our Secretary.  Ginnie also loves to be outdoors biking, kayaking, and hiking.  She recently did her first whitewater rafting trip in North Carolina with her oldest grandson as the guide.  Her other passions of cooking, reading, volunteering, and keeping up with out-of-state family members keep her busy. 

Treasurer – Eileen Morris

FSC Delegate – Tom Morris

Moved to Florida in 1979 from New Jersey and residing in Crystal Beach for the past 28 years.  I have been married to Eileen Morris, Trip Leader extraordinaire, for 28 years. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology/Chemistry and worked a lifetime in Laboratory Instruments sales. I began snow skiing at age 22 at Camelback, Jack Frost in the Pocono Mts, Sugar Bush, Killington Mts in Vermont, and numerous west coast ski resorts in the US and Canada. My favorite resorts are Whitefish, Big Sky, and Crested Butte. I have been a member of the Snow Sharks for many years and President for the past two years. I am an avid SCUBA diver with a PADI Divemaster, Master Diver (with 5 specialties), and other advanced SCUBA certifications.

Appointed board Positions

Membership: Robbie Williams & Terry England

Trip Coordinator: Polly Trautweiler

Website: Fred Pierce

Facebook Admins: Robbie Williams and Fred Pierce

Trip Coordinator – Polly Trautweiler

A member since 1999, Polly has been membership chairman, V.P., President, and now Trip Coordinator.  She has led 14 trips over the past 20 years, both domestic and International.  She and Bruce value the friendships they have made with club members and love skiing and traveling with them.

Website admin & Facebook Admin – Fred Pierce

Fred migrated with his parents to Florida from Vermont in 1963. He taught himself to snow ski in Vermont when he was about 6 years old. After moving to Florida, he enjoyed water skiing for a few years. In 1979, he ski bummed the entire winter at Sugarbush, Vt. Besides skiing, he has a passion for scuba diving, spearfishing, boating, kayaking, socializing and volunteering for environmental projects. He resides in Palmetto, FL with his wonderful wife, Lynn.

Membership & Facebook Admin – Robbie Williams

I am a transplant from Georgia and have lived in Florida for most of my life.
I have been a Snow Shark member since 2009. Recently I became the membership chair along with Terry England.
My husband and I have made many friends since joining, while skiing and traveling with them.
I enjoy traveling, motor boating and sailing with my husband.

Disabled vets program

National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic is sponsored by the VA and the DAV, but the individual Veterans are responsible for their own airline tickets and hotel. Each winter a group of disabled Bay Pines Veterans gather with other disabled veterans from all over the country, in Snowmass, Colorado for a week of adaptive skiing. For years the Snow Sharks have raised funds to donate to the Bay Pines team to help with these costs. Check out our veterans in action on the slopes.
Disabled veterans in action on the slopes #1
Disabled veterans in action on the slopes #2.

Snowsharks support and raise money for the Disabled Bay Pines Veterans so they can participate in the Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic. To view a sample flyer, click here.