Memberships are:

Individual Adult (Before Sep 1) $ 40.00

Individual Adult (On or After Sep 1) $ 45.00

Membership year:

June 1 to May 31

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  • Monthly socials, except June, July, August & December
  • Frequent emails to keep you abreast of what’s going on
  • Group travel rates and trip leaders to ski in the U.S., Canada and Europe
  • This web site to keep you abreast of all that’s going on
  • Organized outside activity outings.
  • The 3 F’s- Fun, Friends and more Fun.

We have reciprocal membership with all other Florida Ski Council Clubs (15 clubs in Florida). Members receive early notice of upcoming ski trips, our regular emails and other mailings to help keep you up to date with club activities.


Our monthly club socials are open to the public
and held from 6:30 p.m. – 9:00p.m. at Mike’s Pizza & Deli


In a word, everything, We are a not-for-profit, just-for-fun social club. According to the IRS, to be considered a club, among other requirements– you must collect dues. And for good reason: With a not-for-profit club, your dues are our means of paying for things like your newsletter, club parties, social events, information hotlines, etc. Plain and simple; your dues are the clubs means to give our volunteer board of directors the financial resources they need to serve you as best as they can on a limited budget.

So what about the proliferation of supposed ski “clubs” that do not charge dues? How can they afford to operate? First and foremost, they are not really clubs — particularly in the eyes of the IRS. They are businesses– usually travel agencies or very small tour operators. Their costs are simply built into their prices. They are for-profit operations.

So how can these for-profit organizations who don’t charge dues and pay taxes offer trips that on the surface look very comparable to a legitimate ski club? The key phrase here is “on the surface”. Dig a little deeper and you will see the difference. Are their trips leaving on a weekend or a weekday? Are they for a full week? Are the accommodations near the lifts? Are they first class? How many people per room? What level of service and accommodations are you willing to settle for? Are their trip leaders trained dedicated volunteers who give of themselves for the sheer love of skiing and the ski club? Will they hold a never-ever’s hand and take them to the ski school for the first time?

Does their trip offer fun-filled apre ski activities or are you on your own once you get to the mountain? Compare your club with the “for profit” fakes and you will appreciate what you have.


The SnowSharks are always looking for volunteers to help make our club better than it already is. So, please consider joining other members in the fun activity of making a difference. It is always important to get some new people involved. Your club is only as good as you make it. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the president by email if you can help. We need people willing to help organize social outings, help with mailouts, lead trips, and marketing skills, and want to learn more about our club. 

It is important to continue to get new faces and fresh ideas that will keep our club alive. 

Please remember to tell your friends about our ski trips and social gatherings.

Letter from the President

Want to put some adventure back in life?

If you are single, a couple, or a family and you see yourself involved with a fun select group, we would love to meet you. Feel free to attend one of our socials or our annual Kick-Off Party in August. Check out our events page for details.

If you have any questions or an interest in joining our club, go to our contact page and send me an email or join straight up on our membership page.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you or see you in the near future 

Our club is as good as we make it.


Bruce Trautweiler
President of Clearwater/St Pete Ski and Sports Club, the “SnowSharks”

Any Questions? Send Us an Email